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Freedom From Debt Begins Today!

We Help You Eliminate or Reduce Your Debt

Since 2010, Ontario Debt Advisors helped Ontario residents save over $81,600,000 in creditor payments!


Did You Know…

The Canadian Government has programs that allow you to Eliminate or Reduce your debt up to 70%?

Ontario Debt Advisors is a Debt Consulting Firm driven to help Canadian consumers living in Ontario that are struggling with overwhelming debt and realted money problems. We are NOT trustees in Bankruptcy. Trustees must consider the interest of your creditors and maximize the amount paid to your creditors and in turn, the Trustees earn more of your hard earned money. Ontario Debt Advisors acts solely in Your interests to ensure that you get the best possible results by utilizing Federal Government options to Eliminate or Reduce your debt immediately.

Studies show that people who are overwhelmed with debt take over six months to call someone for help. During this six month period the debt will just grow to an even more unmanageable amount. It is very important to take Action on your debt as soon as possible. Ontario Debt Advisors can help you with your money problems immediately.

At Ontario Debt Advisors we present you with Government approved options that will…

  • Stop Harassing calls from creditor or collection agencies
  • Eliminate or reduce Government or credit card debt
  • Preserve your assets (House, Car, Business, etc)
  • Consolidate all of your debts into one
  • Stop court order or wage garnishments
  • Stop the payday loan cycle
  • Reduce Interest rates to 0%
  • Reduce Your debts up to 70%

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Are You Making Only Minimum Payments on Your Credit Cards?

There are some new rules for credit card companies in Canada. Over the next little while you will see a box on your credit card statement that will show how long it will take to pay off your balance if you just make minimum payments. In most cases it is more than 25 YEARS!

And that is only if you never charge anything new on your card during that time. There will also be another box that will show you how much interest you will pay by only making the minimum payments over that 25 Year time period. In most cases you will pay more than DOUBLE the price of the original purchase for a credit card with a 19% interest rate. This is not an option when trying to get out of debt.